Sunday, October 12, 2014

Flight cancelled..... Bring on more Tokyo action!!

Despite our flight being cancelled and more time in Japan, we didn't let that get in the way of us having more fun and exploring more of Tokyo. More shopping was definitely on the agenda so we began by venturing East of Ikebukuro Station and seeing what was on offer. The opportunities were endless and lots of Yen changed hands..... well, mainly the teachers!

Once the typhoon (cough cough) had passed the sky was clear and the sun shone high in the sky. We decided to check out Ueno Zoo on recommendation from a couple of my friends. The highlight by far was the Giant Pandas and the Polar Bears.

A quick ride on the train and we were in electronics heaven. Akihabara is Tokyo's electronic district and is home to anything electronic with floors and floors of shops catering to your every need. On reaching the other side of the crossing we encountered a familiar face - an ex Balmoral student who was in Japan with the Mount Albert Grammar School tour group. These types of random meetings in Tokyo is almost unheard of so we had a chat with him and the rest of their group.

With the extra time in Tokyo I was thinking we needed a birds eye view of Tokyo so that the students could see the enormous size of Japan's capital. No sooner had this thought entered my mind had the boys come across a 59 floor building with a viewing window at the top. "Lead the way," I yelled. When we all reached the top the view was breathtaking! Perfect stop for a drink we all thought. In true style, 13 mocktails were ordered and enjoyed 59 floors above the busy Tokyo streets.

Our extra days in Tokyo gave us the chance to see more of the amazing city that is Tokyo. This was by far an adventure that will leave us with memories we will never forget.

Signing off.